Solve your doubts: cardio vs. weight training. Which one gives better results?

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Men who want to lose weight and see results quickly There are many different types of exercise to choose from. This will require diet control as well. It will make you see results quickly. However, I believe that newbies may be wondering about how to exercise between cardio and weight training. Which type is more suitable for men? Let’s try to find the answer for results in getting your body in shape as you want in the near future.

Solve your doubts: cardio vs. weight training. Which one gives better results?

Get to know cardio exercise

Cardio is one of the most popular exercises among health lovers. The principle of cardio is to use oxygen to burn fat. You must move your body so that your heart beats at a level higher than 60% continuously for approximately 30-60 minutes before you will start to see results. The fat within the body will be used. Burns metabolism such as aerobic dancing, jogging, brisk walking, cycling, dancing, swimming, etc. are popular methods. Because you don’t need any equipment to play. You don’t have to spend money on going to the gym. And can also play anywhere and anytime you want ยูฟ่าเบท

Get to know weight training exercises.

As the name of this type of exercise is called: There must be heavy equipment to lift. Or use the weight of your body to help create resistance in a name known as bodyweight. Fat burning is less than cardio because it is 70-200 kilocalories per hour. The portion will be more or less depending on the activity. Generally, lifting weights using proper posture will be used to complete the set. Don’t focus on impact. But focus on resistance There is a 1-3 minute break between sets. When you play for a long time until your body gets used to it. The weight of the weightlifting must be increased. The purpose of weight training is to build muscle. increase muscle mass Helps keep the proportions firm. and increase the metabolism

What type of exercise is suitable for men to lose weight?

Proper exercise for men who want to lose weight Cardio and weight training should be combined in the beginning. To allow the body to burn energy and stimulates muscle building within This will help you lose weight well. See results quickly. For guys who want more six-packs. Adding more weight training can help But it may take some time.

No matter what type of exercise you do, guys, don’t forget to do it the right way. To prevent injury and help weight loss achieve the desired results at the same time