Alonso reveals why he rejected an offer to manage Liverpool

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  • Xabi Alonso reveals he wants to continue building Bayer Leverkusen.
  • This coach thinks it’s not the right time to take the job at Liverpool.
  • He has a long-term project with a “drug store”
Alonso reveals why he rejected an offer to manage Liverpool

Xabi Alonso, the hot trainer of Bayer Leverkusen, the leading club in the German Bundesliga, has revealed that The reason why he refused the offer from Liverpool was because he wanted to continue creating success with the “drug store”.

The Spaniard said: “There were many reasons for my decision to stay at this โปรโมชั่น ufabet club. After one year We are building a team We are building a great spirit here. There are many reasons for me to stay. And there are a lot of players I want to work with.”

“So far this season has been going well. And of course we want to keep this together. I feel part of it. After one year It doesn’t feel like This is the right time. And that is why I remain committed to the club.”

Since Jurgen Klopp announced his retirement as Liverpool manager in January, Alonso has emerged as the first favorite to take over. But recently he confirmed that Will continue to take over the reins of Leverkusen.

For Alonso, he is about to lead Leverkusen to the full league championship after leading Bayern Munich, the second-place team, by 16 points with only 8 matches remaining.