Liverpool 2-1 Brighton: Picking up the issues after the Premier League game, the Reds overtake and grab 3 points over the Seagulls.

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  • Danny Welbeck scored to put the away team ahead in the 2nd minute of the game.
  • Luis Diaz and Mo Salah scored one goal each, sending Liverpool narrowly overtaking to win.
  • Liverpool still have 9 Premier League matches left to play this season.
Liverpool 2-1 Brighton: Picking up the issues after the Premier League game, the Reds overtake and grab 3 points over the Seagulls.

Liverpool comeback

It seems to be normal for the Reds to be ahead of their opponents this ทางเข้า ufabet season. And then it was like that again. After less than two minutes of playing, Danny Welbeck managed to volley the ball beautifully into the corner, giving the away team an early lead. That left Klopp’s team with no choice but to attack in one place. But with their fierce attacking game.

They didn’t have to wait long for Luis Diaz’s equalizing goal in the 27th minute. After that Brighton didn’t rush anything, causing them to still be the home team that attacked. Entered hard and finally it was Mo Salah who came to score the winning goal in the 65th minute, sending Liverpool overtaking to grab 3 points and continue chasing the top of the table.

Welbeck compares his scoring record at Anfield

87 seconds was the time Danny Welbeck sent the ball into the net to give Brighton the lead in this game. This is considered to be the second fastest goal scored by a visitor at Anfield. Second only to Harry Kane’s goal, who scored in October 2019, which Kane’s goal took only 47 seconds!

Mac Allister is the heart that the Reds can’t live without.

Recently, one of the reasons why Liverpool have been able to perform so well despite injury problems is because their midfield has performed well, being able to drive the game, which helps both forwards and defenders play. Even easier And of course, the person who stood out the most in the middle of the hour was Alexis Mac Allister, the Argentinian star who after being promoted to become a full-fledged playmaker.

His work shines through as well today as he drives the game. There were beautiful moments of ball placement throughout the game. Plus he plays quite cleverly. Hold the ball tightly Until it has become an important force that the team cannot live without at this time.

A tough game awaits them.

After going through this game with the remaining 9 games for the Reds, I must say that it is not easy to grab 3 points in a row until the end of the season. Even though the next match will be against Sheffield United in the middle of the week. But after that, they will have a queue to fight the “Reds” at Old Trafford again. In this game, in addition to clearing their eyes.

They also have to try to shoot to gain and lose. Get the most as well While the rest of the period after that there is still a home game against Spurs as well as a visit to Aston Villa, which these two teams are fighting to grab a top 4 spot. Therefore, in addition to hoping for competitors like Arsenal and Manchester City dropped points, Liverpool must not miss out on these important games as well.