Tuchel is delighted Kane remains at Spurs.

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Harry Kane is a player who has been linked with transfers in every transfer market. A great performance at Tottenham Hotspur. But the problem is that Harry Kane has never been successful. Tottenham Hotspur plus the 2020/21 season the overall performance. Tottenham Hotspur is very disappointing after falling out of the top four without a chance to make the news about the move. Harry Kane’s team started coming out steadily and it was Manchester City who clearly expressed their desire for Harry Kane to join the team.

Of course, Tottenham Hotspur didn’t want to let the key striker leave the team. So they set a very high price. But the problem is that Harry Kane is showing signs of wanting to part ways with Tottenham. Hotspur despite having a few years left on his contract plus the £100 million payout is not a difficult task for a wealthy team like Manchester City. But Tottenham are still. No plans to release Harry Kane from the team causing negotiations between the two sides to collapse quickly.

In addition, Harry Kane has settled the rumors by announcing that he does not want to leave Tottenham Hotspur. Thomas Tuchel is delighted that Harry Kane is still at Tottenham. Hotspur continued by Thomas Tuchel said: “I think Harry Kane will definitely move to Manchester City. It would be very interesting to see pictures. Manchester City‘s style of play with Harry Kane as a central striker. Although we are a strong team, we have never been afraid of Harry Kane’s presence at Tottenham. It’s still good to see a player stay at one club until he retires, like Lionel Messi that I can’t imagine playing for other teams. at all “