Commisso not confirming Vlahovic’s future

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Fiorentina paid just £1.7m for Dusan Vlajovic in 2018. Although his first two seasons at the club were unsatisfactory in the 2020/2021 season. Dusan Vlajovic also burst into good form with 21 goals. Unfortunately, Fiorentina’s overall performance is not that good. Causing news of Dusan Vlajovi’s transfer. Sh began to come out immediately. Previously it was Liverpool. Tottenham Hotspur seemed to want Dusan Vlajovic to join the team.

Of course, Fiorentina has no plans to let Dusan Vlajovic leave the team. Even if the offer is interesting. The latest is Dusan Vlajovic. He has confirmed that he does not want it. A move away from Fiorentina for now has prompted Fiorentina to turn down any offers that come in and Dusan Vlajovic continues to deliver satisfactory results in the 2021/22 season. After scoring three goals from just three shots on the field, the news of the transfer of Dusan Vlajovic continues to come out continuously.

Although Dusan Vlahovic has a contract with Fiorentina until 2023, Rocco Commisso is unsure whether Dusan Vlajovic will remain at Fiorenti. Should continue or not, by Rocco Commisso, said: “Dusan Vlajovic is still a key player for Fiorentina and I personally hope he stays with Fior. Rentina for many more years, but I cannot say whether he will agree to extend his contract with Fiorentina further.