Diaz satisfied with personal performance despite recently joining Liverpool

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Liverpool’s Colombian left-wing Luis Diaz is pleased with his personal performance despite recently joining Liverpool. Admits he doesn’t have high expectations for his performance because of the high competition in Liverpool.

With Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane considered Liverpool’s mainstays. The substitutes in the same position have to wait for the cup competition only. To get the opportunity to play because both of them can perform. Excellent but Liverpool are still looking for players to reduce the burden of Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane. The latest decision to bring Luis Diaz to join the UFABET team. In the January trading market.

Despite having had an outstanding performance at Porto. A move to Liverpool was not an easy task. Luis Diaz was not expected to be a replacement for key player Mo Hamed Salah. Sadio Mane. But Luis Diaz has maintained the same standard of play. It helped Liverpool win the Carabao Cup. Luis Diaz admits he was very surprised by his performance.

Moving to Liverpool was not an easy task at all. Because it is a very competitive team. I wanted to adapt as quickly as possible. All my team-mates made it a lot easier for me to adapt and it was my duty to help. Let Liverpool be successful and I hope to continue to maintain my standards of play.