Mbappe told Verratti this after his trip to Madrid made him feel bad

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Paris striker Kylian Mbappe Saint-Germain Sent a message to team-mate Marco Verratti. After the youngster’s trip to Real Madrid left him feeling ill.

 Marco Verratti joked that seeing Kylian Mbappe in Madrid made him “Feeling unwell” before the PSG star told him he was only on vacation. The France international has been heavily linked with a move away from Parc des Princes. When his contract expires this summer. And although the French giants are trying their best anyway. But he may move out for free with reports that Real Madrid have reached an agreement with the world champions’ player.

          Mbappe joins Paris Saint-Germain As a youngster and he is growing stronger every year in the French capital, he has scored 168 goals over five seasons and scored twice against Los Blancos. In this season ‘s UEFA Champions League, the 23-year-old was spotted recently in the Spanish capital, however, he assured his team-mates that there was nothing to worry about.

         Verratti told Le Parisien : “It will have an impact on the UFABET club. No matter what his decision He is one of the best players in the world right now. So we all want him here. But when I talk to him most of the time it’s more of a joke. In football when you have something in mind. If a decision is imminent You won’t talk about it. It was his decision. I was waiting just like you guys when I was on vacation and saw the notification saying, Kylian in Madrid It made me feel sick (laughs) even after he told me: ‘Don’t worry, I’m on vacation.’ We are all waiting for an answer.”

          Mbappe was linked with a move to Madrid in 2017 before PSG. will have his signature to occupy The White King’s army has been targeting big-name players for a long time and has a demand from fans. who want to see more big contracts added Verratti has clearly expressed his feelings for Mbappe, hoping he will stay at Paris.

          “No, because he knows what I think,” he said when asked if he had offered any advice. To Mbappe? ” I can’t be a good mentor. in any case I will not be a consultant I will not think of his own interests, but on the interests of everyone here in Paris.”

          Mbappe opened up about his future earlier this week and said a decision on his next move was imminent . It’s almost done,” the Frenchman said at the UNFP Awards . You must respect all parties. I know people expect a lot from me. that is normal I’m in a hurry too But it’s not just about me, but here it is. It’s done. Now there are just a few details left.”