Solskjaer reveals Man Utd still need to improve defensively

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Manchester United have to face a difficult task with visiting West Ham United. Who still can’t spell a defeat at all, plus a midweek match. Manchester United just beaten to Young Boys in a twist. Wrong expectation with West Ham United who won successfully. In the 30th minute, it was Said Benrahma who scored for West Ham United to lead first. But only 5 minutes. Stian o Ronaldo scores equalizer for Manchester United.

The two teams then entered an awkward period before Jesse Lingard. Coming on as a substitute netted a late goal to help Manchester United back into the lead despite. Wes Ham United got a late penalty but Mark Noble’s shot was saved by David de Gea. Manchester United were on the winning side, which Ole Gunnar Solskjaer did. Satisfied with the form of play of the team, but want the game of Manchester United to develop more than this.

“We had a lot of chances to score, especially in the second half where we rarely got any counter-attacks, but we need to improve defensively more and it’s normal for players in today’s game. It’s important to concentrate fully on the game, even if we’ve been shot in the lead first, but only 5 minutes can score a goal equalizer successfully and it’s a very satisfying result, including half. After we started to perform better until we achieved victory.”