Wings reveals Conte has helped a lot of players in the squad.

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Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Harry Winks has revealed that the arrival of Antonio Conte has given him a lot of boost. He has given everyone confidence.

As we all know, Tottenham Hotspur have never come close to success despite having a very strong squad. It seems that the arrival of Nuno Santo has not helped the level of Tottenham. How much Tottenham had risen before being sacked from Quick. Citing unacceptably poor performances before Tottenham Hotspur brought in Antonio Conte as their manager. It’s new and it looks like it’s the right decision because Tottenham Hotspur’s performance has improved in the palm of your hand.

And now Tottenham Hotspur has moved up to the top of the English Premier League table again and has the opportunity to move up to 4th in the table and the latest match at Tottenham Tottenham Hotspur v Liverpool were able to draw a successful draw, with Harry Winks, who started to perform better, revealed that the arrival of Antonio Conte has helped to stimulate the players. In the team a lot and also build confidence for all players as well.

Antonio Conte has given me a huge boost in confidence. He has given me advice where I need to improve more and every time I get a chance to give my all to Antonio Conte. It is also a very good opportunity for me to get on the field again, of course, I do not want to disappoint Antonio Conte, but besides me. There are still many teams that come back to do better than before. Antonio Conte has helped a lot of players in the UFABET team.