5 wrong ways to take herbal medicine life threatening

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It is believed that herbal medicines are safe. and give better results than guava pills or antibiotics many patients especially patients with chronic diseases Often turn to choose to take herbal medicine. with the understanding that herbal medicines come from nature Does not remain in the liver until it causes liver damage like antibiotics

Although herbal medicines seem harmless, But if you don’t eat UFABET properly, it can cause harm and harm to your body as well.

5 wrong ways to take herbal medicine life threatening

The dangers of herbs that you may have come to know

  1. Herbal medicines can cause allergic reactions.

It’s like an antibiotic. that herbs can cause allergic reactions as well Allergic reactions can range from mild symptoms such as a rash to nausea, vomiting, ringing in the ears, blurred vision, numbness of the tongue, palpitations, heart palpitations, or swelling of the blood vessels. Acutely low blood pressure

Herbal medicines can be toxic to the body.

If antibiotics cause liver or kidney damage Herbal medicine may be able to do that as well. Because some herbal medicines can be toxic to the liver. Until causing hepatitis It can cause jaundice, yellow eyes, or unusually yellow urine. For abnormal symptoms that may occur with the kidneys Fibrous tissue may be found in the kidneys. and may cause kidney failure

  1. Herbal medicines may have side effects.

Although it contains natural extracts that should have no harmful side effects. But in fact, these side effects can bother your body without your knowledge. Or may interfere with other diseases. That you may be living with, such as garlic, which people often seek to help lower blood pressure. But there is a side effect, which is easy to bleed, so if surgery is needed May have to stop eating first, etc.

Herbal medicine cannot cure all diseases.

In fact, our country supports the use of herbal medicines for minor illnesses such as colds, fevers, sore throats rather than serious, chronic or infectious diseases. Because if there is a disease such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes , high blood pressure Hyperlipidemia or tuberculosis may not yet have research to prove one hundred percent that it can be cured. Therefore, herbal medicine may not be a real solution.

In addition, severe illnesses such as severe headaches severe abdominal pain severe nausea and vomiting It cannot be cured with herbal medicine as well. because herbal medicines tend to provide gradual treatment Therefore, if there are severe symptoms that should be treated urgently It’s better to see a doctor.

  1. Herbal medicines are not always compatible with antibiotics.

Whoever thinks that two forces are strong The medicine that the doctor gave me was taken. Herbal medicine that you bought by yourself. Sometimes it may increase the effect of the treatment too much. until it can be harmful to the body. For example, if taking antihypertensive drugs. But taking garlic herbal medicine that lowers blood pressure even further. It may reduce the pressure too much to become low pressure.

Therefore, if already receiving treatment from a doctor Herbal medicine may be taken to consult a doctor first. Whether it can be taken in conjunction with antibiotics or not. So that the doctor can prepare the right dosage for taking both types of drugs.

no matter what medicine You should study the information to be sure before eating. Both self-study And consult a pharmacist in a pharmacy near home. Because taking medicine from propaganda May cause harm to the body unexpectedly.