6 causes of “hair loss” that you may not know

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Many people start to worry every time. When you wash your hair and see a pile of your own hair flowing into the water pipe, “ hair loss , for sure” are you thinking like this? But today we will tell you a helper to solve hair loss problems that See results from the first use. together ever

Many young women worry that they are losing hair. until now my hair is much thinner than before But the age is still not much My hair is well nourished. Why is my hair still thin? It’s not as puffy as it looks on TV. In fact, you may have behaviors that cause hair loss without knowing it. Let’s check it out.

6 causes of "hair loss" that you may not know
  1. wash your hair too often

Young girls with oily scalp Or even people who exercise every day until they have to wash their hair every day. In fact, washing your hair too often can cause dry scalp. Until the itching of the head becomes irritating to the point of dandruff and eventually hair loss.

  1. Brush your hair often vigorously , and comb it when it’s wet UFABET.

Girls with long hair who might love their hair so much. Pick up a comb and comb it every hour, or comb your hair while it’s still wet. You might be hurting me unknowingly. Because in addition to combing your hair, it will cause more hair to fall out unnecessarily. The comb is also too harsh on the hair. until the hair becomes dry and damaged as well

  1. Use a hot dryer to blow your hair too often.

hair dryer heat In addition to making hair dry and damaged easily. It may also cause the scalp to be dry, itchy, lack of moisture. And the hair falls off the scalp easily as well, so don’t point the hair dryer at the scalp. and don’t use the hair dryer for long or too much

  1. Perm, dye, color hair too much

Young girls who like to change their hair color often. May have problems with rough hair. Hair split ends, frizzy, dry, damaged hair ends are wavy. No matter how much you take care of it, it’s difficult to save your life. Have to wait a long time and then cut it off only You probably understand very well how bad hair dyes are to your health , but in addition to hurting your hair. also injures the scalp until it may cause hair loss as well This does not include some cases who are allergic to tears from hair coloring until hair loss, swollen face, swollen eyes too. It’s scary, yes, let me tell you.

  1. eat spicy food

This is starting to get weird. Many people may not expect that diet can affect our hair loss. Spicy food causes blood pressure to rise and blood vessels constrict. As a result, the blood supply to the hair roots is reduced. and make the hair roots not as strong as they should be

  1. drinking alcohol smoking

This is important. Drinking alcohol and smoking not only destroys important organs such as the liver and kidneys, but also affects the circulatory system. Blood vessels that are in a state of contraction and hardening, lacking flexibility. make blood flow worse when organs not getting the blood to circulate like it should It will result in various cells. as the body works worse The same is true for unhealthy skin cells and hair follicles. Makes my hair fall out as well.

How to solve the problem of hair loss

Washing your hair is a step that can help reduce hair breakage. Including choosing a shampoo is also important. Must be gentle on the hair and scalp. does not cause irritation