hiatus! Messi ignores Poch’s handshake The reason for being substituted at the end of the second half

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Lionel Messi was captured by cameras at the moment he Refused to shake hands with Mauricio Pochettino after being substituted

Lionel Messi, 34-year-old Argentine striker of Paris Saint-Germain. Unhappy that he was substituted in the 76th minute by refusing to shake hands with compatriot Mauricio Pochettino.

Messi started in the Ligue 1 game against Lyon on Sunday night, September 19. Coordinating in the front line with Neymar and Kylian Mbappe, he was outstanding, almost scoring his first goal for PSG. The ball has swung around many times. And also show a great free kick shot even if the ball hits the crossbar

In a 1-1 draw situation, Pochettino needed to modify the game to score more goals. He decided to send Ashraf Hakimi to replace Lionel Messi in the 76th minute when the Argentine star walked out of the field. He turned to Mauricio Pochettino with a disapproving expression. Before he shook hands with this compatriot’s coach This caused many parties to question their relationship in the dressing room. And for Lionel Messi’s first goal in the PSG series still have to wait ufabet .

However, PSG’s 90+3 stoppage-time winner from super-sub’s Marro Icadi ​​earned the team three crucial points. Ready to hold the top of the Ligue 1 crowd firmly with 6 straight wins, collecting 18 full points