Nuno reveals what went wrong in the last match

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Tottenham Hotspur made their debut in the English Premier League with a beautiful win in all 3 games. They are the only team to have won their first 3 matches in the English Premier League. Tottenham Hotspur immediately faced a huge problem. Song Huong Min was injured during the international break. Only in the fourth game of Tottenham. Pur had lost to Crystal Palace in a state of exhaustion until being overtaken by other teams to immediately take 1st place in the table.

Continuing on to the latest match, Tottenham Hotspur had just lost to Chelsea. losing to Chelsea again despite playing at home and now dropping to seventh in the table. Which Nuno Santo is not okay with the results of the latest match. Also revealed that everything inside the stadium was completely wrong until the final defeat by Nuno Santo said. “Everything went wrong, although in the first half we performed very well.”

“But after going into the second half. Chelsea‘s goal immediately changed everything on the pitch, making it difficult for us to work immediately. But I have to admit that Chelsea are a very strong team and we need to make a lot of improvements if we hope to return to the top of the Premier League. English League again.