Mourinho: If Southgate doesn’t call Abraham in the national team, it’s because his eyesight is not sharp enough.

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Jose Mourinho has said that if Gareth Southgate has not called Tammy Abraham in the England squad. It’s because Southgate’s eyesight is not sharp enough in the selection of players.

credit: Sky Sport

Jose Mourinho, Roma manager Out loud that his team’s ‘Tammy Abraham’ should be in the England national team. Ready to point out that if Southgate. He hasn’t been called up to the England team yet, so Southgate’s eyes aren’t there.

Tammy Abraham, 23, joined Roma from Chelsea for £34million last summer. After not getting a chance to enter the field much. Last season, he made 22 league appearances, scoring five goals and providing one assist, and joined Romelu Lukaku from Inter Milan for £97.5 million and also Timo. Vaner made no room for him in the team anymore. therefore had to wave goodbye to Stamford Bridge

Abraham’s transfer to Roma, with Jose Mourinho as manager. He has been made five appearances on the pitch, scoring two goals and providing two assists thanks to his impressive performance. Mourinho believes that He should be given the opportunity from Gareth Southgate to return to the England squad.

“I’m trying to create a devilish striker for Gareth Southgate, unless he doesn’t have the sharp eye. and if he still ignores the summons I would also recommend Tammy to change the country. He deserves a chance to be in the national team.”