Follow your heart! Pep: I won’t apologize to the fans In case of wanting more fans to enter the stadium

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Pep Guardiola says he won’t apologize to fans. In the matter that he wants the fans to come and watch the game on the field more. Because football fans are a very important part of football clubs.

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has said he has no intention of apologizing to supporters. After earlier, he urged fans to watch more games in the stadium. cause the fans Some of the “Blue Sailboats” were unhappy with his words.

The Champions League group stage Group A match at Manchester City hosted the Etihad Stadium, where RB Leipzig won 6-3 on Wednesday. last september Only 38,062 fans attended the game, with the stadium’s capacity of 55,000, prompting Pep Guardiola to urge more fans to cheer on the team. Fans argue that tickets to European games are too expensive. Coupled with the COVID situation, football fans are greatly affected in financial matters.

Kevin Parker, general secretary of Manchester City’s supporters’ group, responded to manager Pep Guardiola: “I’m very disappointed by Pep’s remarks. It’s very bad for the manager to blame us. I don’t think he is unaware of the financial issues that fans face. Pep has to understand that our fans are working class people who pay huge sums to attend games. Because that’s how it can stop aggravating us about this.”

“It was a game that kicked in at one o’clock on Sunday afternoon. which is not easy to go And it’s still being broadcast live on television. I love Pep with all my heart. But saying such a thing would have alienated him with the fans working so hard to buy tickets to the game. The fans who came to watch the game at the stadium always sang cheering for the team. Always support the team There are no negative things like booing your own players ufabet .”